"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."
Maya Angelou
Dave Clay
The Art of Ideas
Sculptures & Installations


Early conceptual artists saw Art as ideas, I see ideas as Art: an active entity. Active art has an agenda and my work has an ideas-based socio-political agenda. Being born at the tail end of the “angry young man" era I have happily grown and declined into an 'angry old man'. Not the traditional irascible "things were better in my day" rocking chair embittered old fascist. My work is driven by someone who has regressed to a point where he has a child-like and totally impractical sense of fairness. When this is offended, he spins in his phone box, and transforms into Angry Old Fart Man.

      As such I am not short of subject matter. Foremost being the almost limitless human capacity for passing judgements on others. Rational, well-reasoned and eminently fair judgements may be rare but acceptable, but even these often tend to be surplus to requirements. Alternatively there is widespread, self-absorbed, ego massaging judgements. These have the capacity to wound with little or no chance of redress. Such judgements are irrational, prejudicial and discriminatory, and have no place in any enlightened society.

      My recent and current work addresses the field of mental health in which such prejudices lie like minefields. In the field of education, where individual students are all but invisible, assessment is king. Here we see an unlimited appetite for irrelevant, over-prescriptive, target driven and all too simple tick-box judgements.

      My work is a product of many ideas, some objective, and others born of random or intuitive association. These ideas, both objective and subjective, are woven together to form a complex narrative. Here I look to manipulate, both visually and conceptually, the related harmonies, contrasts and anomalies needed to achieve an elegant artistic agenda.